Welcome to Alabama’s Black Belt, Where the Culture is as Rich as the Land

The Black Belt of Alabama is one of the last places where you can still experience the true South.

From prehistory, through the antebellum and the War Between the States, to civil rights, the region embodies the South. Today, this beautiful place is home to a burgeoning cultural Renaissance and an emerging natural paradise.

The Black Belt Is...


A Native American city.

Between 500 and 900 years ago, Moundville was a large Native American village and the capital of a chiefdom. The people who lived there shared the same culture, or way of life. Read more

Full of Wildlife

Swamps teeming with birds.

You can visit the vast swamps of the Tombigbee River at the Choctaw National Wildlife Refuge in Choctaw County. The swamps are full of many animals, especially birds.

We welcome you.

We hope you enjoy your stay in the Alabama Black Belt Heritage Area.